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Propagate and cut costs

Easy to care for

Buy healthy

spray free

sweet potato slips for your

Home garden

Why Bare root Slips?

Sweet potatoes grow rapidly and have very determined roots systems that can quickly become root bound when potted in soil. This is why sweet potatoes are generally sold as either vine cuttings or bare root slips. 

Winnipeg Sweet Potato offers healthy slips with strong roots that will encourage them to get right to business and start growing in your garden.

Reduce cost & double your plants!

A solution for:


Market growers

Garden clubs

Anyone who wants more sweet potatoes

Winnipeg Sweet Potato wants to ensure that our healthy slips can still be a feasible option for all local growers.

Being a fairly small scale operation at this point does not allow for bigger discounts or lower pricing on large orders.

We do however offer a solution to this possible barrier.

Sweet potato vines are quite simple to propagate and if you are so inclined, you can double or triple the vines you have purchased.

This is really only possible with local slips that may be obtained early enough in the season to be divided successfully. 

Offering Quality Slips For Sale

At Winnipeg sweet potato all of our plants are grown free from the use of chemicals and are carefully tended on a small scale.

This care and attention to detail produces a premium quality product that has the best chance of surviving, growing and maturing in your home garden.

What is a slip?

Sweet potatoes are grown from small plants called slips which sprout from a mother sweet potato root. Also called cuttings or sprouts, these 6 inch tall plants a cut free and placed in water. In warm temperatures these cuttings rapidly produce strong roots which help reduce shock to the plant when put out in the garden.

A slip is a portion of the vine that will grow as a beautiful independent plant and after about 90-100 days will produce up to 12 edible roots. 

These tropical plants require a little understanding to cultivate properly in our cool climate but also exhibit great determination and willingness to survive. They demand warm temperatures to flourish and are right at home with our extreme prairie summer heat.

A sweet potato slip will sprout roots at any point along the stem, similarly to a tomato. Given sun, water, nutrients and warm soil temperatures these plants grow vigorously. 

How to care for a slip

Sweet potato slips can be kept healthy by simply providing warm temperatures and clean water. Place the roots in a jar or vase of water and place near a window if you can. 

Your plant will remain healthy and vibrant with even low light levels until it is planted in the garden. At this point the slip is in a state of suspended animation and will not begin to grow until it reaches the nutrients that it seeks in warm soil.

Local slips are the best

Premium quality slips are home grown without the use of any chemicals. Plants are kept in a strong and robust state allowing them the best chance of fully maturing in your garden.

Being locally produced means that the superior slips can be started off in healthy condition within the right time frame. Good timing and great quality slips are the secrets to growing sweet potatoes in Canada.

Winnipeg sweet potato offers strong bare root slips that are ready for your garden. Not shipping from far away means that they do not require any turn around time as a result of shipping stress.

How are slips sold?

Winnipeg sweet potato slips can be found at a few local businesses as well as shipped via Canada post.

Because slips very sensitive to cold weather they are only made available for a short period of time in May. 

Slips are delivered in exceptional condition and roots are wrapped with damp paper towel then plastic.

Buying local slips allows a grower to obtain slips earlier and more reliably than suppliers who are shipping from farther away.

Spending less time in transport and not having to wait for suitable spring temperatures serves the buyer well. 

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